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Brand    ODSD – Best-selling in USA


Material - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


Color - White or Black


Power Source - Battery Powered


Operation Mode - Manual


More details:


Keeps Food Fresh - ODSD mini bag sealer creates a good seal, and the contents stay airtight and kept from getting stale. Keep your food crisp and fresh with this heat sealer that will seal your snacks shut using heat.


Fun to Use - As a great hack for keeping snacks fresh in the pantry, this multifunctional little home gadget is great for sealing or resealing bags of chips, cookies, snack, cereal, pasta etc. Also, can use it for crafts too with beads and glitter! Chips, cookies, and bread stay as fresh as the first time you opened the bag. Really seals bags & keeps them fresher than clips.


Quick & Easy Way to Reseal Bags - Use the chip heat sealer machine on chip/snack bags when you can't finish them or if you are planning on only eating part of the food. Come aim handy after the kids open a snack and don’t want to finish it off. Simply seal it for later and has a cutter to open them.


Magnet On Back for Easy Storage - Equipped with a magnet so you can easily stick this portable resealer to the refrigerator or it's small enough to store in a drawer easily. Also, you can keep it on a hook next to the chips. This handheld sealer powered by two AA batteries (Battery is Included).


Comes with 1 x Mini Bag Heat Sealer, 2 x AA Battery, 1 x User Manual.

Mini Bag Sealer

  • • Order confirmation(s) are to be done via payment of Ksh. 1,500/- by M-PESA to 0111 487 717. Balance is payable upon arrival.


    • Items arrive after approximately 2-3 weeks*


    • Upon arrival, delivery is available at a nominal cost


    • T&Cs Apply

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