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Nasal Congestion Relief, Stops Snoring, Cold & Allergy


Brand – Instaclear


Color – Clear


Specific Uses For Product - Allergy Relief, Nasal Congestion Relief


Item Form - Strips


Unit Count - 50 Count


More Details:


• Instantly opens nasal passages to increase airflow and help you breathe easier


• Helps reduce snoring, improve sleep quality, and provide cold and allergy Relief


• Extra-strength nasal strips are 50% stronger than Instaclear non-extra-strength nasal strips


• Ideal for use while sleeping, during the day, or while exercising


• Includes 50 clear nasal strips


Instaclear Extra-Strength Nasal Breathing Strips (MADE IN USA) - Works Instantly

  • Please reach out on 0111 487 717 to purchase 




    - Delivery is available at a nominal cost

    - Payment via M-PESA

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