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Wild Harvested High Resin Sandalwood Smudging Sticks, Perfect Smudge Stick for Mediation Yoga or Prayer, All Natural Light Scented Sandalwood Sticks, Pack of 20 Holy Sticks.


• Drives away negative vibes and stimulates positivity -. The aroma of Sandalwood incense sticks eliminates undesirable odor and pessimistic thoughts. Its strong and grounding fragrance invokes immense positive energy


• Healing & antiseptic properties - Used as an effective anti-septic agent since the beginning of time, Sandalwood incense aroma purifies the air with its anti-bacterial properties and heals both the body and mind


• A Natural relaxant – it uplifts and replenishes your soul with calm and soothing energy. Its invigorating and cozy fragrance also cleanses your mind from the undesirable residue of stress and anxiety


• Crystals - Regularly cleansing and recharging your crystals and stones with an incense aroma like that of Sandalwood helps restore the crystals to their natural state, reinvigorating your sense of purpose in the process


• Sandalwood Sticks from Natural Wood,100% Pure Premium Sandalwood. Irregular shape.


• Add it under the Incense Powder To Extended the Burning Time.


• Application scope: Living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room etc.


• Size approximately 4 inches cm long.


• Warning and tips. Pregnant women and those who have allergies problems are prohibited to use it.

Holy Sandalwood Sticks - SOURCED FROM USA

  • Please reach out on 0111 487 717 to purchase 



    - Delivery is available at a nominal cost

    - Payment via M-PESA

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