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Dragon's Blood Sage is made by dipping White Sage in dragon’s blood.


It is believed that Dragon's Blood enhances the effect of any other herb.


Using Dragon’s Blood is a deeper cleansing, resulting in lasting healing energy for you and your surroundings.


It is used to cleanse negative energy, create space for positive & creative energy, stress relief, anxiety relief, sleep & cognitive benefits, and for smudging ceremonies in your home, office, place of spiritual practice or any other space. It is also a powerful spiritual tool for relieving anxiety, depression and mood disorders. This powerful resin is also said to be great for protection and attraction.



1 - Always leave windows open during and after smudging. This allows the smoke to escape.

2- Light the top of the sage stick with a match. Blow quickly if it catches fire.

3 - Go through the space where you want to cleanse the energy.

3 - Place the stick in a fireproof container. You can use it again until it runs out.

To complete your ritual, make sure your smudge stick is completely off. You can do this by dabbing the lit end in a small bowl of ashes or sand. Once it is completely off, store it in a safe, dry place out of direct sunlight.


When to smudge:

When moving into a new home.

After an argument or being around many people

When you want to cleanse the energy from a particular place or object.

When feeling depressed, anxious, or otherwise unusual

When needing to focus on energy or thoughts.

Before sleep to prevent nightmares.

When needing to relax in general.

In the morning to give thanks

Before a ceremony or ritual

Dragon's Blood Sage

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