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- Blue Sage is an ancient herb used to cleanse and purify your surroundings.


- Blue sage is used to cleanse negativity, hate, and exorcism.  


- Smudging using blue sage brings in wealth, health, prosperity, healing, and coolness to your life.


- Sustainably grown, carefully collected, and packaged on private land in the mountains around California.


- Each stick is approximately 4 inches.


- Sold in a pair 


- Handmade one-by-one and quality checked at least 3 times.


- Beautifully bound using cotton strings, making the sage smudge bundles ready for use.

Blue Sage Smudge Sticks from California

  • - Please WhatsApp your order to 0111 487 717.

    - Please confirm your order via M-PESA payment to 0111 487 717.

    - Delivery is availabe at a nominal cost.

    - T&Cs apply.

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